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A digital and cloud-based telephone system is part of a modern company today. Why? Because it saves time and simplifies your customer communication. Don’t worry, you don’t need a lot of technology! But you do need really good software – just like Sipgate, an internet telephony provider from Germany. Discover the advantages of Sipgate here!

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Sipgate is an internet telephony provider from Germany, and at the same time a top tool for digital and cloud-based telephoning.

Key Features of Zoho One


Low investment, no maintenance

With Sipgate you are independent of expensive telephone systems and the associated hardware maintenance effort. Make calls easily with your computer and mobile devices such as laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Networked across devices

Sipgate can distribute incoming calls to multiple devices simultaneously. So, you can freely decide how to answer calls and are always available on the go if necessary. This is called “nomadic use”.

Easy and cloud-based

You don’t need a technician for Sipgate. An intuitive frontend allows you to control all functions and add new users. You don’t have to update anything: The cloud-based Sipgate software is automatically updated.

Intelligent call grouping

Use Sipgate like a central office that pre-sorted your calls. With the IVR function (“Interactive Voice Response”), you can assign individual announcements or forwarding to the keys 0 to 9.

Clear settings

As a Sipgate admin, you have a clear routing interface at your disposal, in which you can flexibly manage all phone numbers, forwarding, voicemail information and all other call scenarios.

Everything at a glance

With Sipgate’s event list, you can keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls. Each call can be linked to its history and call notes.

Internal transparency

Via the busy lamp field (BLF) you can see which team members are currently available and which are occupied. Employees can use the pick-up function to take over incoming calls when the target number is busy.

Cross-border accessibility

No matter where you work: You can reach your customers everywhere via a constant number. For example, a call to your German landline number lands on your Spanish mobile phone.

Customized waiting loops

No more boring 08/15 queues! Customize the sound and announcements in your telephone system according to your personal preferences and to suit your company.

Sipgate integration for Zoho CRM and other apps

Sipgate is a team player!

Über einen „Connector für Telefonie Integration“ (CTI) können Sie Sipgate mit einigen Zoho-Apps verknüpfen, in denen telefonische Kundenkontakte eine Rolle spielen – zum Beispiel mit Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk und Zoho Recruit.

Sipgate and Zoho

In combination with Zoho CRM, you can use the information collected in Sipgate to optimize your customer relationship management.
All calls recorded via Sipgate are connected and evaluated directly in Zoho CRM with the appropriate customer data. Call notes can also be saved via the Sipgate integration for Zoho CRM.
In addition, Sipgate’s extensive call center settings can be perfectly matched with Zoho, CRM, Zoho Desk and Zoho Recruit.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is IP telephony?


Can I use any phone?

Fixed and mobile phones, as well as desktops, laptops and tablets can be used for internet telephony. But not every landline phone is VoIP capable. Analogue or ISDN telephones require an appropriate adapter. 1


What is a softphone?

In order to use your computer, laptop or tablet for internet telephony, you need software such as Sipgate. These applications or the telephony options contained therein are also referred to as softphones.


What does routing mean?

In Sipgate you can define which user gets which phone number and what happens if that user cannot answer the call. Should the call be assigned to another team member? Do you want to forward it to a mobile number? Or should the voice mailbox be switched on? You define the route of a call as, strictly speaking - this is what is meant in telephony language by “routing”. 2


Can I take my numbers with me when I switch to Sipgate?

Clearly, yes. This is called porting or phone number porting and it is free of charge. You can also take several numbers with you. 3


Which phone network does Sipgate use?

Sipgate has its own network in Germany. Although it uses the mobile towers of the company Telefónica, it has developed its own core mobile network for it. 4

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