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You can buy each Zoho application separately or in different packages. Click on the following icons to get more information about the bundles. If you only need a single app for now, we’ve put together an overview of all apps here.







Zoho: The operating system for your business

With Zoho, your life becomes easier. Zoho consists of over 40 applications with which you can digitize, automate and optimize your business processes. From searching for employee talent to sending invoices – Zoho has the right software for all of the important tasks in your business.

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ZOHO & codafish

With Zoho One and codafish, you succeed in digital transformation! Because Zoho One is a cloud-based software package with more than 40 practical applications for businesses. We are your official Zoho partner. With our expertise, your company will be fit for the future.
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Six good reasons to choose Zoho!


Zoho is efficient!

Over 40 different Zoho products help you to digitize your business and work more efficiently.

Zoho connects!

With Zoho apps, different business areas can be connected intelligently and cloud-based.

Zoho integrates easily!

Zoho applications can interact with each other and be seamlessly integrated into many external IT solutions.

Zoho has experience!

More than 500,000 companies worldwide trust the expertise of Zoho and its software solutions.

Zoho is unique!

You can purchase each Zoho application individually, in a bundle or in the Zoho One total package.

Zoho saves you money!

The Zoho One package includes all Zoho apps – and replaces many expensive software products.

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Work can be so easy!

If you want to work efficiently, you need programs that can take on the work. You want programs that think with you, can be configured individually and that are easy to use. Programs like the Zoho apps. We, at codafish, have been relying on Zoho for a long time. And our team of Zoho experts will be happy to help you to utilize Zoho, too! We are certified Zoho partner!

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codafish><> is your official Zoho Partner. We accompany you in the conceptualization, integration and use of all Zoho products.


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Let us show you how to successfully set Zoho up for your company. You can test each product for free for up to 30 days, without obligation. At the end of your trial period, we stand by your side - ready with our offer of Zoho support for the conceptualisation, integration and use of all Zoho products.

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As a Zoho Authorized Partner, we offer comprehensive support for all Zoho products. Questions? Would you like to receive some more information with no obligation?
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