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ZeptoMail helps you to improve contact with your customers. ZeptoMail responds to the various actions taken by your customers with targeted transactional emails – double opt-in emails, welcome series for new customers, shipping confirmations or purchase reminders, to name just a few. And to help you stay ahead of the game, ZeptoMail delivers structured dashboards, handy grouping features, and detailed reports.

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The most important features


Direct mailing

Regardless of whether someone signs up for your newsletter, places an order, or requests a new password, ZeptoMail responds immediately with an accurate and appropriate transactional email.

Template variety

Save time! There are plenty of templates available in ZeptoMail for you to use when crafting your emails. You can even create your own custom email templates.

Good IP reputation

With ZeptoMail, you can rest assured that your transactional emails won’t end up in the spam folder. They’ll arrive safely in your customer’s inbox. This is because ZeptoMail authenticates the domains from which mails are sent and so provides an ideal IP reputation.

Mail Agents

There are lots of good reasons for sending transactional emails – and that means lots of emails sent day after day. So that you can maintain a clear overview, you can group transactional emails in ZeptoMail into what are known as “Mail Agents”.

Real-time statistics

Anybody who sends out emails wants to know what the recipient is doing with them. This is why ZeptoMail provides you with valuable real-time statistics on opens, clicks or bounces.


Just like other Zoho applications, you can use the dashboard in ZeptoMail to get a rapid overview of the most important activities and figures.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are emails that are sent automatically in response to certain actions (triggers). These may include actions such as newsletter registrations (new customers automatically receive a so-called double opt-in email asking them to confirm their address) or online purchases (which are followed, for example, by mails with order and shipping confirmations, and invoices). Transactional emails can also be used for password reset processes, website visits, abandoned purchases and in many other scenarios. Some other terms used for transactional emails are system emails or trigger emails.


Is a transactional email the same as a newsletter?

No. Newsletters fall into the category of marketing or campaign emails that can be timed to be sent at a specific time, but are not tied to a particular trigger or event. For this kind of email marketing, Zoho has its own tool: Zoho Campaign. In contrast to Zoho Campaign, ZeptoMail is designed exclusively for sending transactional emails - i.e., emails that are sent automatically after certain actions are taken by your prospective clients or existing customers.


Why does my newsletter require a confirmation email?


How does ZeptoMail ensure that my email doesn't end up in the spam folder?

ZeptoMail only allows emails to be sent via authenticated domains ensuring that your emails can be classified as genuine. During the domain setup, ZeptoMail will therefore ask you to specify the DNS provider and to provide information about SPF, DKIM and CNAME. It is important to take bounces seriously in order to improve the deliverability of transactional emails - i.e., emails that have not arrived because the email address does not exist or contains a typing error. You should remove these email addresses from your mailing list!

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Who is Zoho ZeptoMail for?


Companies that are looking for a reputable and secure tool for transactional emails

Companies interested in optimizing the way their transactional emails are sent out

Companies wanting to save time when drafting mails

Companies that need to keep track of a large number of transactional emails

Companies that attach importance to detailed reporting

Zoho Zeptomail – transactional email sending service
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