Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense

The tool for digital expense recording and for travel expense accounting

Are you tired of juggling the paperwork associated with travel expense reports? Then get Zoho Expense! With this accounting software, your employees can digitally capture receipts and create clear reports on travel and out-of-pocket expenses. Keep track – from request to reimbursement.

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Zoho Expense is the perfect tool for digital expense recording and travel expense accounting. With Zoho Expense, you keep track of everything – from the request to the reimbursement.

The most important features


Easily calculate travel costs

With Zoho Expense, you can quickly organize and manage all travel and out-of-pocket expenses in the cloud.

Receipt scanner for your mobile phone

Make it easy for yourself! Photograph the receipt with the Zoho Expense mobile app – the app recognizes and stores all of the relevant data.

Card payments included

Store your own EC or credit cards in Zoho Expense. Relevant transaction functions are recorded automatically.

Easy-to-read reports

With Zoho Expense, you can create reports from multiple captured receipts and track editing status easily.

Plan future trips

You can also create and manage business trips that have not yet taken place in Zoho Expense.

Custom settings

Set standard rates for daily allowable expenses – from food to mileage allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a receipt scanner for Zoho Expense?

No, it is already integrated in the mobile app - it uses your camera function. Just take a photo of your receipt, the rest is done by Zoho Expense. The application recognizes the text and stores all relevant data. You can then further edit the digitized documents in Zoho Expense. You can, for example, assign them to a report, add comments or request a refund.


Can I include advance payments in Zoho Expense?

Yes, that is possible. There is a prepayment section in Zoho Expense. There, you enter how much money you have made available to your employees for a trip. If all costs have been entered after the trip and combined into a report, you can offset the advance payments with the actual expenses. If a credit is left behind, it can be paid out or saved as an advance for the next trip.


What is the difference between Zoho Expense and Zoho Books?

Zoho Expense works like an accounting department that is focused only on travel and out-of-pocket expenses. But, you can also use Zoho Books accounting software for collecting receipts and creating travel expense reports. Zoho Expense also has some special features. For example, Zoho Expense can be used to plan trips, as well: Submit requests for plane and train tickets, as well as for hotel reservation bookings. Then, obtain the request approvals. In addition, detailed travel expense reports can be created and evaluated. We recommend combining Zoho Expenses and Zoho Books. This way, you can manage your business trips with Zoho Expense and seamlessly transfer your invoices to Zoho Books.

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Zoho Expense is part of Zoho One, a software package with over 40 applications that enable you to digitize, connect and optimize your business processes.
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You can purchase Zoho Assist as a stand-alone product, bundled with other Zoho applications, or as part of the Zoho One package. Whichever option you choose, you’ll definitely love Zoho!

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Who is Zoho Expense for?


Businesses in which many business trips take place

Businesses that want a mobile receipt submission process for out-of-pocket expenses

Businesses that no longer want to file mountains of paperwork for travel expense reports

Businesses that want to capture credit card transactions automatically

Businesses that want to speed up the reimbursement of travel expenses

Document entry and reporting
Supported by codafish


In addition to the prices quoted, local taxes (VAT, etc.) will be charged.

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