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The intranet software for internal interaction

With Zoho Connect, you can transform your intranet into a vibrant hub where your employees can share and exchange ideas and information. Zoho Connect is an intranet software that makes a lot of things possible. It can be used to make announcements, conduct surveys, hold meetings, and host a knowledge base for instructions, how-to’s, or guidelines.

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With the intranet software Zoho Connect, you can transform your intranet into a vibrant hub where your employees can share and exchange ideas and information.

The most important features


Clearly structured

Zoho Connect delivers a clearly structured intranet platform with which your employees can obtain in-depth information and interact with their colleagues or with management. Dashboards are customizable.


It used to be the case that the intranet could only be accessed if you were physically present in the company. In the era of remote working, this limitation no longer makes any sense. This is why Zoho Connect can be used from anywhere – either in the browser or as a mobile app.

Accumulated knowledge

Zoho Connect allows you to share a lot of important information with your employees, such as appointments, instructions, how-to’s, guidelines, and manuals. It is also possible to create your own knowledge base in Zoho Connect. The content of this knowledge base can be shared with everyone, a group or only with specific people.


Zoho Connect fosters exchange among your employees. You can create channels to discuss new ideas, conduct polls, and allow your teams to give feedback. You can even host conferences and training sessions here by integrating Zoho Meeting.


Use the extensive workflow options in Zoho Connect to accelerate your business processes. Using these features, you can send an automated email to your employees after certain actions have been taken on the intranet, for example.


Simplify onboarding processes by using customizable forms to record employee data or work devices in Zoho Connect and connect them to Zoho People HR software.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you actually need an intranet for?

When you think of an intranet, do you think of boring internal corporate communications reports? If so, think again! A modern intranet like Zoho Connect is so much more than just a dry assortment of information! It connects employees, promotes the exchange and transfer of knowledge and speeds up coordination processes.


What does “social intranet” mean?

A social intranet is an intranet that is not only dedicated to the dissemination of announcements and company knowledge, but also to exchange and collaboration. This type of intranet is therefore both a knowledge database and a communication platform.


How many employees are the minimum for an intranet to be worthwhile?

There is no clear recommendation for this. At codafish, we have eleven permanent employees and we use Zoho Connect because we all work remotely and rely on a central online location for our exchanges.


How does exchange work in Zoho Connect?

Your employees no doubt have a lot on their plates, and not everyone needs to know everything. For this reason, it is advisable to create channels in order to ensure a structured exchange. A channel is a chat room in which several people can exchange information on a specific topic. You can connect these to groups so that each group member has automatic access to the chat.

An all-round package

Zoho Connect is part of Zoho One, a software package consisting of over 40 applications with which you can digitize, network and optimize your business processes.
Think of Zoho One as an operating system for your business. Place your trust in smart solutions that save time and money. Treat yourself to software that thinks for you!
You can buy Zoho Connect on its own, in a bundle with other Zoho applications – or as part of the overall Zoho One package. Whatever you decide: you’re going to love Zoho!

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Who is Zoho Connect for?


Companies looking for a modern intranet software

Companies that would like to strengthen and simplify the exchange between their employees

Companies seeking to make company knowledge readily available to new employees

Companies that need a mobile and cloud-based intranet solution

Companies that are interested in involving external parties in the network as well

The intranet software
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* Employees only have access to the settings in the site editor

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