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Zoho Billing is the ideal solution if your business model is based on subscriptions and you are looking for a simple solution for billing recurring payments. With Zoho Billing, you can offer different pricing models for your subscription business, manage all subscriptions and automate all billing processes.

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Zoho Billing is the ideal solution if your business model is based on subscriptions and you are looking for a simple solution for billing recurring payments.

The most important features


Easy start

Zoho Billing provides you with customizable payment pages that you can integrate into your website or apps.


With Zoho Billing, you can configure different subscription schedules to automatically charge your customers and send invoices.

Many payment options

Zoho Billing accepts payments via debit and credit cards, direct debit, and payment providers such as PayPal or Stripe.


In the dashboard of Zoho Billing, you always have a complete overview of all recurring invoices and your income, as well as other relevant actions.

Real-time statistics

Zoho Billing provides detailed reports on key subscription metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) – all in real time!

Professional invoices

With Zoho Billing, your invoicing is automated and professional. For more features, combine Zoho Billing with Zoho Books accounting software.

Frequently asked questions


What types of businesses need Zoho Billing?

Zoho Billing is particularly suitable for companies whose business model is based on subscriptions (Subscription Business). These include, for example, SaaS companies. The term stands for ``Software as a Service`` - so apps and software products are only offered as subscriptions.


Can I offer multiple pricing plans in Zoho Billing?

Certainly! You can configure different subscription options according to your wishes and have them build upon each other.


Is there a self-service feature in Zoho Billing?

Yes, there is, and your customers can manage their subscriptions themselves in the Zoho Billing self-service portal.

An all-round package

Zoho Billing is part of Zoho One, a software package with over 40 applications that enable you to digitize, connect and optimize your business processes. Think of Zoho One as an operating system for your business. Place your trust in smart solutions that save time and money. Treat yourself to software that thinks for you! You can purchase Zoho Billing as a stand-alone product, bundled with other Zoho applications – or as part of the Zoho One package. Whatever you decide: you’re going to love Zoho!

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WHO IS Zoho Billing FOR?


Businesses selling their products through subscriptions (“Subscription Business”)

Businesses that want to avoid manual invoicing

Businesses that want to professionalize payment processing

Businesses that value detailed, real-time statistics

Businesses looking to add important features to Zoho Books

Software for subscription billing
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