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Zoho Analytics is a Business Intelligence platform that lets you aggregate, analyze and visualize business data. It turns cluttered raw data into vivid dashboards and comprehensive reports. Zoho Analytics has the ability to import and automatically analyze a variety of file formats from more than 250 internal and external data sources. Get to know your company even better with Zoho Analytics!

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Zoho Analytics is a Business Intelligence platform that lets you aggregate, analyze, and visualize business data from multiple different sources.

The most important features


Clear visualization

With Zoho Analytics, you can consolidate business data from various sources into one platform and easily generate vivid dashboards and reports from jumbled raw data.

Versatile combinations

Zoho Analytics can be combined with over 250 applications (Zoho and third-party) and can harvest a variety of business data from files, feeds, apps or databases through predefined connection points.

Fast analyses

Zoho Analytics is packed with templates for reports and dashboards, and can handle even large amounts of data in real time, allowing you to process your data quickly and meticulously at the same time.

Individual presentation

You decide how you want Zoho Analytics to visualize the data for you. Using a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can customize dashboards and reports to best suit your interests and display your data in more than 40 different chart types.

AI assistant

You ask, ZIA replies. Through ZIA, an AI-powered voice assistant, Zoho Analytics can do a lot of the work for you. ZIA can provide you with the most important data from the latest analyses. All you need to do is start a “conversation” with it!

Strong security

There’s no need for everyone to know everything. In Zoho Analytics, you can specify what access rights your employees, colleagues or customers have, what can be published and what cannot. Zoho Analytics maintains a high level of security through familiar security features and ongoing controls.

Business Intelligence – explained in brief:

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a term used to describe processes in which company data is collected, processed and analyzed. In other words, it’s about business analysis.
Data visualization plays an important part in this: With the goal of making data easier to understand, it is prepared visually and graphically for dashboards or reports in the form of diagrams. In this context, the term “data storytelling” is often used. This essentially means that dry data is prepared in such a way that it can be used to tell a narrative.

What features should BI software have?

A good BI tool helps you to prepare raw data in a way that is understandable and practical. It should be able to import and evaluate a wide range of file formats from various internal and external data sources. The BI tool should be able to provide versatile visualizations of the data and generate detailed reports. BI tools that are AI-powered and allow you to query data verbally via voice assistants are also becoming increasingly popular.

Frequently Asked Questions


What data can I import into Zoho Analytics?

Using powerful data import and integration APIs, Zoho Analytics can retrieve a huge variety of data from more than 250 data sources - files, feeds, web URLs, on-premises and cloud-based databases, Zoho apps, and external online and offline applications, to name just a few.
Zoho Analytics detects and recognizes common tabular file formats, such as CSV, XLS/XLSX, TSV or SXV. Other formats (including HTML, JSON and XML) can also be processed by Zoho Analytics.


How much data can you process in Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics can process very large amounts of data - up to a million lines of data and files that are 100 MB in size. Larger CSV datasets can be added using the Zoho Databridge tool.


How is data visualized in Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics features over 40 different chart types for visualizing data - including pie, line, bar, funnel or donut charts, geo-maps, heat maps or tables. You can generate charts with multiple Y-axes, add filters to them, or use the Drill Down function to get more details.
So-called pivot tables can also be compiled in Zoho Analytics. These special tables (also known as crosstabs or matrix tables) can, for example, be used to group rows and columns, making them ideal for displaying large amounts of data in a clear and straightforward way.
Moreover, Zoho Analytics provides you with a dashboard that you can adjust to suit your interests with the help of an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

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You can buy Zoho Analytics on its own, in a bundle with other Zoho applications – or as part of the overall Zoho One package. Whatever you decide: you’re going to love Zoho!

Who is Zoho Analytics for?


Companies looking for a powerful BI tool

Companies looking to aggregate a lot of data from multiple data sources

Companies that are fans of clear analyses and data visualizations

Companies seeking to present data sets in more ways than just boring Excel spreadsheets

Companies interested in data storytelling

Zoho Analytics the Business Intelligence Platform
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