Zoho Commerce or Shopify: which is better?

We have a very clear answer to this at codafish: Zoho Commerce! That’s because Zoho Commerce is more diverse, more comprehensive, and less expensive than Spotify. What’s more, Zoho Commerce forms part of Zoho One, along with more than 40 other apps.


This app package allows you to optimize a wide range of processes in your company.

In this blog post, we’ll explain:

  • why Zoho Commerce is the perfect alternative to Shopify
  • how the two online store systems differ
  • and how to migrate from Shopify to Zoho Commerce.


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The most important Zoho Commerce

At codafish, we are convinced that Zoho Commerce is the perfect tool for online stores – and therefore also a super alternative to Shopify We have summarized the three most important features that we believe speak in favor of Zoho Commerce here:


Numerous design templates

Zoho Commerce offers you lots of modern design templates with which you can create your online store – and in the cheapest price category, that’s significantly more than Shopify. With Zoho Commerce‘s drag-and-drop editor, it’s easy to modify the templates. And to make sure that your store looks beautiful to all of your visitors, the responsive design automatically adapts to the device from which your store is accessed.


Advanced functions included

Whereas Shopify requires plug-ins for many additional functions (e.g., for customer ratings or cross-promoting), these are already integrated in Zoho Commerce. So, with Zoho Commerce you save money because you don’t need to buy any additional plug-ins. And you save time because you won’t have to search for and install the plug-ins that you need. Moreover, plugins increase loading times. So, Shopify stores that have been enhanced with many plugins will often take more time to load than Zoho Commerce that manages smoothly with no plug-ins at all.


Practical networking

Zoho Commerce easily connects to all the other apps in the Zoho universe. And there are quite a few! Zoho offers more than 40 applications for different business processes – from “Customer Relationship Management (Zoho CRM) to accounting (Zoho Books). These apps can be purchased individually or as part of the Zoho One bundle. The biggest advantage offered by these connectivity possibilities with Zoho is the amount of time that they save. That’s because when you link Zoho apps together, relevant info from one app is automatically transferred to the others.

Why not now?

Why Zoho Commerce is the perfect alternative to Shopify. How the two online shops differ. And how to migrate from Shopify to Zoho Commerce.

Foto von John Schnobrich auf Unsplash

Photo: John Schnobrich on Unsplash

The differences between Zoho Commerce and Shopify

There are many similarities with the functionality of Zoho Commerce and Shopify. But there are a few fundamental differences. We have summarized them in this table:

Zoho Commerce Price Plan Starter

27€ Month

Features in the most affordable price category

  • Free templates: over 24 (and growing)
  • Number of products and storage space: 2000 products and 50 GB
  • User defined fields
  • AI-supported product recommendations
  • Real-time shipping cost calculation
  • Advanced accounting functions
  • Assessment capture and management
  • Data center selectable

Shopify Price Plan Basic

22€ Month

Features in the most affordable price category

  • Costs for own domain 13€ per month
  • Free templates 6
  • Number of products and storage space: Unlimited

Zoho Commerce Free Trial!

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Make the switch from Shopify to Zoho Commerce now

Switching from Shopify to Zoho Commerce is easier than you may think. Here we will explain how the migration works.


1. Launch your online store with Zoho Commerce

If you don’t have an online store at Zoho Commerce yet, we would first recommend that you create an account there and set up a store. You can find step-by-step instructions here


2. Export your products on Shopify

You can then export your products from Shopify to Zoho Commerce. To do this, log into your Shopify store. In the admin interface, click “Select all products” on the left side under the “Products” item and then click “Export”. A dialog window opens where you can select which products should be exported. If you want to transfer all products to your new store in Zoho Commerce, click “All products” again. Then select “Export as CSV” and click the button at the bottom of the dialog box: “Export products” and set the location for the CSV file. Important: Your Shopify shop needs to stay online until the migration is complete. This is because the CSV file contains links that will no longer work if your Shopify store is taken down.


3. Import your products into Zoho Commerce

Now you can import the CSV file with the product information into Zoho Commerce. To do this, log in to Zoho Commerce. In the dashboard, click “Products” and then select “Import products”. After that, select the CSV file you just exported from Shopify. In the next step, you will be prompted to check the product information labels. A preview will then show you how many products will be transferred. Important: It may be the case that not all products can be imported. If, for example, you have exported products in Shopify that are missing some product information, they cannot be transferred.


4. Send your product images to Zoho

The last step deals with the photos. The Zoho support team will upload them for you. To do this, you need to add the Zoho support team as an administrator in your store’s settings. After that, export the photos from your Shopify store as a CSV file and email it to Zoho. You can find detailed instructions on how to migrate the photos and the email addresses you need here.

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